The new tumblr inspired "micro" UI is ready! It will be released with federation support. #pixelfed #tumblr

What a crazy year.

April 15: Started working on pixelfed

April 17: "Federated Instagram" post -

May 17: Announced the name, @pixelfed, and

May 31: Launched and published the code.

Look forward to 2019 😎

Hi Fosstodon! I'm new to Mastodon and chose this instance as my gateway partly because I was really impressed by how @kev explained mastodon in an article.

I belive in FOSS and have been using Linux exclusively for more than a decade so I think this a great home base.


Excellent article! 👍

Couple of observations: firstly, good call on using plain “reasons not to…” instead listicle-style “x reasons not to” (I skip stuff written in that fashion); secondly I think it may help to move right up to the beginning, maybe to the subheader, the information that this company (already forgot their name) are one of the first four to sellers in Google's app bazaar. I for one had never heard of them.

Again, congratulations on a great write-up! 🙂

I have to wonder why #eelo is so popular among people who are trying to "de-google" their lives and use something privacy-respecting and open source. I've personally experienced their censorship on Telegram when I asked a few basic questions about user privacy and how it truly differs from LOS with microG.

I also saw that you have to have an account with /e/ before you can use some of the most basic features. It's also incredibly buggy with reports every day about things breaking.

Needless to say, I did not vote for /e/ to be the next mobile OS on the Fairphone 3. Even Replicant is by far the better choice.

I really hope to see postmarketOS or Ubuntu Touch on it. They would be really cool 🤔

making websites that don't load content without running a bunch of unnecessary JS and hogging a bunch of bandwidth and CPU is essentially saying "you need to have a fancy first-world computer to view this content, otherwise fuck off".

For an investigative journalism project we need to be able to record/monitor #DecibelLevels for one month. The system has to be cheap and autonomous. There's no power supply we can use.
Fediverse - please toot #tips ! & boost

Just published another article on my blog, this time about Cheetah Mobile and why you should stop using their products NOW!

Feedback appreciated :blobfistbumpB:

Most news sites these days truncate their #RSS feeds but then there are these intelligent folks at CNN which not only omit everything of use, but are actively hostile against RSS users.

All of their feeds contain a single sentence and 10+ copies of the SAME image, in different resolutions. They force you to download a useless image multiple times.

This is definitely intentional. They are trying to bloat up your feed aggregator.

Horror story: RMS realizes that he's in The Matrix, and it absolutely does not run Free Software.

I have finally made my website almost 100% compatible with Tor High Security settings. I'd love some feedback and ways/ideas to further improve my work.

There's physical ads promoting Facebook in Berlin 😡

Sooo... I just joined and I thought of saying hello everyone 🙂

When was a software project you loved rescued from commercial overloards due to its free license? (e.g. > LibreOffice) Need examples for a article. Thanks for responding and boosting.

As part of @inkscape applying for an #OSBA award I rendered a sampling of work @freehive did for a client using only #FOSS. Remind me again why "professionals" have to use proprietary software... 🤔 #artwithopensource

Hey, does anyone here know how to do synchronization and polling well (in C, C++, Rust, etc)?

I'm having trouble with running a poll with an indefinite timeout not receiving wakeups

(Pls boost)

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